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What is the role of pneumatic grinders in hardware tools?

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Pneumatic grinders in hardware tools, also known as pneumatic angle grinders, also called pneumatic polishers, things have different characteristics, but many people give the same things to different "names". It ’s different. It ’s caused a chaotic market now, and the sales department ’s staff has also become a big problem. So far, when customers ask about products, we will all ask about sand? Wool ball? Or a grinding wheel? After confirming it, we can introduce the product to the customer in detail, which is the suitable machine for the customer now.
Pneumatic Grinder-Pneumatic Grinder is also known as Pneumatic Grinder. The construction site is divided into one inch, two inches, three inches, five inches, and six inches. Sand is installed on the machine, which can effectively grind away burrs and scars, and has a polishing function. There is a 3-inch pneumatic grinder, which can be filled with water, the speed and the amount of water can be adjusted, marble grinding and polishing work, fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing of stone crafts.
Pneumatic polishing machine——Pneumatic polishing machine also known as: pneumatic polishing waxing machine. The site is divided into three inches, five inches, and six inches. The machine is equipped with wool balls, which can effectively grind off the stolen goods, used for car polishing and waxing, and some are used for glass cleaning, manufacturing, car manufacturers, car beauty, equipment. The factory is used for polishing, polishing, waxing, chamfering, polishing of metal surfaces, plastic surfaces and other materials that conform to materials or waxing paint surfaces.
Pneumatic Grinding Machine——The ground of pneumatic grinding machine is divided into two inches, four inches, five inches. The machine is equipped with grinding wheels, the power is much larger than the grinding machine. It can be used in: manufacturing, foundry, sand foundry Polishing of solder joints, removal of burrs, appearance reshaping, grinding or removal of solder joints and burrs with limited space.
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