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Do you know the pneumatic screwdriver at work?

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Do you know the pneumatic screwdriver at work?
A screwdriver has an elongated housing with a plurality of longitudinal pipes, each pipe having a longitudinal slot that opens the pipe toward an outer surface of the housing. A plurality of screwdrivers are slidably arranged one-to-one in each pipe. A plurality of elongated sliding members are disposed one-to-one in each pipe to slide the cutter head back and forth between a retracted position and an extended position.
A full-edge magnetic screwdriver, comprising: a handle having a tip at one or both ends thereof, and a peripheral groove formed around a central portion thereof so that the central portion of the handle has a smaller diameter than each end thereof; a handle, The handle has a locking groove, and the handle is inserted and fixedly or detachably locked therein; a rim body, the rim body is rotatably installed around a peripheral groove of the handle, and has a connection with the handle. The same circumference; pneumatic screwdriver A pneumatic screwdriver that guarantees that the piston is fully returned to its top dead center. The screwdriver has a compressed air return cavity for returning the piston to its top dead point by applying the compressed air in the return cavity to the piston. The piston includes a main piston and an auxiliary piston. At the end of the screw drive, the main piston first reaches its bottom dead point, and then the auxiliary piston reaches its bottom dead point. Before the auxiliary piston reaches its bottom dead point, and after the main piston has moved through a predetermined position, compressed air is introduced into the return cavity. After the main piston reaches the bottom dead center, compressed air in the return chamber can be prevented from being applied to the auxiliary piston.
A screwdriver bit and a screwdriver tool have a plurality of projections that are formed on at least one surface of a shank or a driving portion of a bit / tool to hold the bit in a bit holder or a sleeve or The analog is clamped on a screwdriver tool. The formation of the convex block makes the geometric envelope of the cutter head within the tolerance of the cutter head seat, so that the cutter head can be used in a standard cutter head seat. When torque is applied to the cutter head or screwdriver tool, the projection will engage the inner surface of the standard cutter head / sleeve to clamp the cutter head / sleeve. The sliding member is hingedly connected to the cutter head and has a manipulation member protruding from the pipe through the slot. The sleeve clamps the locking element to lock it when the cutter head is in the extended position, and releases the locking element when the sleeve is in the retracted position, so that the cutter head slides to the retracted position inside the screwdriver. And a cylindrical magnetic sheet, which is installed around the peripheral groove of the shank so as to have the same circumference as the shank and is located at one or both ends of the edge body for magnetizing the tip. In fact, with the screwdriver of the present invention, a live screw in a deep narrow hole can be easily loosened or firmly tightened without the risk of electric shock.
In addition, the cutter head clamping unit is fixedly connected to the front end of the screwdriver. When in the extended position, the cutter head can protrude through a central through hole in the clamping unit. The clamping unit has a plurality of locking elements arranged in the cutouts, and the sleeve is configured to slide back and forth between the forward position and the backward position on the clamping unit under the bias of the spring toward the forward position.
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