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Is the car pneumatic point grinder easy to use? Purpose of pneumatic point grinder

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也叫尘点打磨机,疵点颗粒修复抛光机,UV打磨机,手机刮痕打磨机等等。 Pneumatic point grinder is also called dust point grinder, defective particle repair polisher, UV grinder, mobile phone scratch grinder and so on.

Because it is an industrial application, the general channel dealers have relatively little contact, and it is not even clear what is the purpose? 通俗来讲就是灰尘点打磨机,喷涂过程中因为灰尘没有吹干净或空气中的灰尘沾到产品涂料上面产生尘点(瑕疵),用3M的专用点磨砂纸(有3种型号)配合点磨机就能轻易磨掉尘点。 Generally speaking, the pneumatic point grinder is a dust point grinder. During the spraying process, because the dust has not been blown clean or the dust in the air has been stained on the product coating, dust spots (defects) have been generated. ) With the point grinder, you can easily remove the dust spots. In some cases, it is OK to polish without polishing. Some products need polishing and waxing to complete, and some need to be re-sprayed. In addition, some slight scratches or some relatively fine grinding operations are also suitable for use. In fact, there are more undeveloped industries that can be considered for application, in order to improve the efficiency and save costs. It is widely used.

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