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What brand of dust spot grinder is good? Is the pneumatic point grinder easy to use?

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也叫气动点磨机,疵点颗粒修复抛光机,UV打磨机,手机刮痕打磨机等等。 Dust spot grinder is also called pneumatic spot grinder, defective particle repair polisher, UV sander, mobile phone scratch grinder and so on. Many end-users buy machines that are not easy to use. They are always card machines, which delays work and is a headache.

BOOXT will explain the situation to you and you will understand. 尘点打磨机 之前,只有美国3M的品牌,但是单价很高,当然品质非常好。 Before we did not produce dust spot grinders in Taiwan , there were only US 3M brands, but the unit price was very high, and of course the quality was very good. We started production in Taiwan two years ago. The unit price is about 1/3, and our cost performance is good. The reason why the buyer is not easy to use is that some channel vendors have not purchased Taiwanese products, and the domestic unit price of imitation products is very low, which is the main reason for the difficulty. Because the application of the dust spot grinder is industrial, it has a large workload and high quality requirements. We generally do not recommend using domestically produced products.

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