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What should I do to repair pneumatic tools?

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    要怎样做? What should I do to repair pneumatic tools ? Many end-users don't use pneumatic tools after repairs. They are always broken and very troublesome.

维修 ,首先我们要知道任何工具都是有寿命的,最重要的是工具的易损件的寿命。 For pneumatic tool maintenance , we must first know that any tool has a life span, and the most important thing is the life of the wearing parts of the tool. When the tool is used to a certain extent, it is necessary to replace the wearing parts. This is what everyone usually says is "broken". In fact, this situation is not "bad", as long as the original wearing parts are replaced, it can be used normally. It is important to mention here that we need to replace the wearing parts of the whole machine, instead of replacing the faulty one. This is very important. 在国内第一个提到的4S维修概念。 Otherwise, change this today, and tomorrow another consumable will be broken again. This is the first 4S maintenance concept mentioned in Taiwan by BOOXT . Another situation is that in addition to the consumables, there are other parts damaged, especially after repeated replacement of consumables many times, and even if the casing is deformed, we generally recommend that users discard this tool, even if it is repaired Are not durable and difficult to use.
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