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Who is more professional in pneumatic tool repair?

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    一直以来让众多的终端使用者头疼,究竟怎样处理才是专业的? Pneumatic tool maintenance has always caused headaches for many end users. How to deal with it professionally? BOOXT pneumatic tools from Taiwan give you detailed advice.

Pneumatic tools are very precise tools. You can't just find some unprofessional tool repair shops, they will tear down the tools and cause unnecessary losses. Find a professional company, preferably the brand headquarters, the brand headquarters only have professional repair tools or some special special tools. Don't worry about being too far away, because the current logistics and express delivery is very convenient and will not add much cost. ,不是机器坏了,其实是需要更换易损件(耗材)而已,这里最重要的是要执行4S维修的概念,一定要把所有的易损件换新,而且要确保是原厂的零件。 General pneumatic tool maintenance is not that the machine is broken. In fact, it is necessary to replace the wearing parts (consumables). The most important thing here is to implement the 4S maintenance concept. Be sure to replace all wearing parts with new ones. Original parts. In this way, it can be guaranteed that the pneumatic tools after maintenance can meet the standards of more than 80% of the new machine. If the machine is really broken, it is recommended to be scrapped after being confirmed by a professional maintenance engineer. It will not be durable and will not meet the requirements for use. Don't have a difficult maintenance concept. Repeated maintenance will waste the most precious time.

是台湾BOOXT波世特的品牌总部,我们免费为国内工业制造企业提供气动工具维修和应用的咨询服务。 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is the brand headquarters of BOOXT in Taiwan. We provide consulting services for the repair and application of pneumatic tools to domestic industrial manufacturing companies for free. Service Hotline: 400-830-1980

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