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How to use the pneumatic water mill?

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    要怎样使用? How to use the pneumatic water mill ? 比较少。 This is a tool used in a specific industry, so everyone knows less. BOOXT pneumatic tools are here for you to explain in detail, you can take a lot of detours.

Pneumatic water mill is mainly based on grinding and water as auxiliary. Under normal circumstances, grinding will inevitably produce a lot of dust, and some industries cannot use dust suction equipment, so they can only spray water while grinding to reduce dust. Water can also soften and clean during the grinding process, which is beneficial to the grinding effect and speed. 机器进水生锈而产生故障。 And professional pneumatic water mill, professionally designed and exquisite materials, can also prevent the machine from entering the water and rusting to cause failure.

的工作。 On September 20, 2016, our company was invited to visit and inspect Zhongqi New Materials Group, and assisted in improving the work of converting electric water mills to pneumatic water mills on the production line. 石英石一条龙服务的公司,主要为国内外各大品牌橱柜企业提供石英石台面等石英石产品。 Zhongqi Group is a company specializing in the production and processing of quartz stone through-train service. It mainly provides quartz stone countertops and other quartz stone products for major domestic and foreign brand cabinet enterprises. In the process of factory transformation and upgrading, for the sake of the health and safety of employees, it is necessary to change the electric water mill to a pneumatic water mill. Because of the special material of the product, many processes must be water-milled, so the risk of leakage is very large.

If you replace the existing power tools with a pneumatic water mill, you can avoid the safety problem of leakage. Because the power source of the pneumatic water mill is compressed air and the air pressure is sufficient, it can be used after being connected to air. In addition, the pneumatic water mill is small in size, and it will not be tiring to hold it for a long time. Although compressed air is the power source, but its temperature is very low, it has a certain cooling effect. . 要注意选型,根据不同的应用,要选择不同大小的机器,才能满足各种不同要求工位的使用。 However, pay attention to the selection of pneumatic water mills . According to different applications, different sizes of machines must be selected to meet the requirements of various stations.

,是台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具中国总部,我们会给您免费提供适合好用的解决方案。 For more inquiries, please contact Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co. , Ltd. , which is the headquarter of Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools in China. We will provide you with a suitable solution for free. Consulting Tel: 400-830-1980

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