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Solve the problem that the mobile phone shell sanding square sandpaper machine is not durable

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方形砂纸机 不耐用的问题。 On the afternoon of November 12, 2016, we visited Shenzhen Changying Precision Technology Co., Ltd.-Dongguan Dalang Branch. The company's site resolved the problem of the grinding of the mobile phone casing of the robot and the durability of the square sandpaper machine . Because Changying Precision has a strict confidentiality agreement, it is not convenient to disclose too many company details. Our company is only to solve machine problems.

方形砂纸机 不耐用,故障率非常高,邀请我司东莞市强劲五金工具有限公司到现场做现场检测,根据我们多年的经验查找故障原因。 Before, the factory engineering department reported that the square sandpaper machine was not durable and the failure rate was very high. We invited our company, Dongguan Qiangjiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. to do on-site inspection and find the cause of the failure based on our many years of experience.

After close investigation on the spot, the following problems were found:

1. The air pressure is unstable, and the pressure of the square sandpaper machine on each robot is not uniform. It is recommended to uniformly adjust it to 5KG-6KG between 2-5KG;
2. The oil-water separator is not filled with oil (equivalent to no oil), and some oil-water separators have no oil-filling function;
3. The faulty machine to be retrieved to be checked to find out the cause of the fault;
4. Because it is a water mill operation, the eccentric iron is rusted seriously, and the bearing is rusted seriously, which is the main cause of failure. (Needs modification)

是台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具品牌总部,11年工业气动工具研发销售经验,对于机器人手机外壳打磨有丰富的现场经验和技术,真正为有需要的客户解决问题。 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is the headquarter of Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tools brand. It has 11 years of experience in the development and sales of industrial pneumatic tools. It has rich field experience and technology for polishing mobile phone casings and truly solves problems for customers in need. Free consultation hotline: 4008301980

Dedicated square sandpaper machine for robot cell phone shell polishing

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