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Who specializes in customizing pneumatic angle grinders?

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    谁专业,选择台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具品牌,11年气动角磨机研发销售经验,真正能为气动角磨机自动化设备厂商或特殊工位使用者提供量身定做的解决方案。 Who specializes in customizing pneumatic angle grinders ? Choose Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tool brand. 11 years of experience in the development and sales of pneumatic angle grinders can truly provide tailor-made solutions for pneumatic angle grinder automation equipment manufacturers or special workstation users. Program.

气动角磨机定制 11年,做过几十种的解决方案案例,所以有些案例是我们之前做过的,不用花很多的时间就能为客户解决问题。 Taiwan BOOXT has been engaged in customizing pneumatic angle grinders for 11 years, and has done dozens of solutions cases, so some of the cases we have done before, we can solve the problem for our customers without spending a lot of time. There are dozens of styles of existing pneumatic angle grinders, which are suitable for different uses, different stations and different environments. Pneumatic angle grinder customization must understand customer requirements clearly, according to requirements we can give you professional opinions and suggestions.

注意事项如下: Note for customization of pneumatic angle grinder :

1. What is the use, such as grinding or polishing or cutting?
2. Only select the number of revolutions and horsepower of the motor according to the purpose;
3. Understand the size and material of grinding and cutting supplies;
4. Different workstations have different size requirements for customized machines; (requires on-site size drawings)
5. Different workloads are related to the industrial grade of the material and design of the machine.

  是台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具品牌总部,11年工业气动工具研发销售经验,对于气动角磨机定制有丰富的现场经验和技术,真正为有需要的客户解决问题。 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. is the headquarter of Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tool brand. It has 11 years of experience in the development and sales of industrial pneumatic tools. It has rich field experience and technology for customizing pneumatic angle grinders, and truly solves problems for customers in need. Free consultation hotline: 4008301980

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