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FRP sandpaper polishing machine

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FRP sandpaper polishing machine

The grinding and polishing of FRP sandpaper has always caused headaches for manufacturers (the grinding efficiency is low). There is always no good solution, and there is no particularly suitable FRP sandpaper grinding and polishing machine .

The reason why FRP grinding is difficult is because the material is too hard. Currently, the grinding and polishing machines on the market are generally "medium grinding" machines, and the uneven quality (high probability of maintenance) makes manufacturers headache. 玻璃钢专用砂纸打磨抛光机 ,能够提高效率,大大节约人工成本。 For manufacturers, how much they hope to have a FRP sandpaper grinding and polishing machine , which can improve efficiency and greatly save labor costs.

Our Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tools have 11 years of R & D and sales experience in the field of grinding tools. There are more than 100 polishing and polishing machines to meet the needs of different industries, different uses, and different workloads. In fact, the sanding and polishing machine has three kinds of grinding effects. The sandpaper sand grains below 120 # belong to "coarse grinding", 120 # -500 # belong to "medium grinding", and 500 # and above are "fine grinding". If there is no corresponding selection machine, it is not only easy to break, but also has low grinding efficiency, and the grinding effect is not ideal. . . FRP special sandpaper sanding and polishing machines are "rough grinding" machines. Businessmen in the traditional pneumatic tool industry do not understand these technologies (even have not heard of them), and they do not have these professional machines, so manufacturers can not buy professional sandpaper polishing tools, like the fiberglass steel industry purchased before Most of them are "mid-grinding" machines. Of course, they will not be easy to use and their efficiency will be very low.

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