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Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools Help "Made in China" via Internet +

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Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools Help "Made in China" via Internet +

On April 26, 2018, Zhixinhang Knife Company held a photo of cattle merchant sharing meeting

In the traditional pneumatic tool industry, there is a strange phenomenon, that is, "end users who need good quality pneumatic tools cannot buy good tools (cannot buy)". Traditional merchants who sell their tools cheaply have limited quality. , Even maintenance-grade tools are also called industrial-grade tools. And industrial pneumatic tools brands like our Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tools, but "the quality of pneumatic tools can not find the end user" formed a great contrast. After years of struggle, we finally found a way to make more end users who need good quality pneumatic tools find us through the bridge of the network.

On May 21, 2018, Yilin Packaging Company-Niu Shang Executive Meeting Group Photo

Under the leadership of various leaders, the company participates in more network marketing learning, hoping to let more "Made in China" companies know us, so that more "Made in China" companies can use good quality pneumatic tools.

2018.4.26 Zhixinxing Cutting Tool Company-Bullmen Sharing Executive Meeting

  企业(东莞市强劲五金工具有限公司)还是牛商会大岭山分会的常委单位,通过更多的牛商网沙龙,培训等活动,能够学到更多的网络营销知识带动我们台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具品牌的推广。 Taiwan BOOXT Bosch Specialty Pneumatic Tools Enterprise (Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd.) is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Cattle Chamber of Commerce Dalingshan Branch. Through more activities such as salons and trainings, it can learn more about online marketing. Drive the promotion of our Taiwan BOOXT pneumatic tool brand.

April 26th Zhixinhang Cutting Tool Company Cattle Merchant Sharing Meeting

Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools will also carry forward the spirit of "Commitment, Learning, Sharing and Dedication" of the Cattle Chamber of Commerce, hoping to drive more enterprises to contribute their own strength for "Made in China", and at the same time, with the benefits of the Internet +, All businesses are "bulling up" on the Internet.

The General Manager of Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. shared the growth history of Taiwan BOOXT Pneumatic Tools

Taiwan BOOXT Boscht pneumatic tools honesty brand provides you: a full range of BOOXT industrial pneumatic tools, factory direct sales, the first one to enjoy special prices. 咨询热线:4008301980 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. Consulting Hotline: 4008301980

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