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What is wind approved? Why is it called wind approved?

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What is wind approved?Why is it called wind approved ?

是俗称,标准学称应该叫:气动螺丝刀。 Wind approved is commonly known, the standard scientific name should be called: pneumatic screwdriver. ”了。 Due to the naming habits in the south, manual screwdrivers are often called "screwdrivers". Later, there were pneumatic screwdrivers that used compressed air for power, which is referred to as " wind batch ". Just as the North used to call screwdrivers "screwdrivers" and "screwdrivers", the later pneumatic screwdrivers were also called "pneumatic screwdrivers" and "pneumatic screwdrivers".

) ( Wind approved )

风批是什么,为什么叫风批 Keywords in this article: What is a wind batch and why is it called a wind batch