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Is the wind gun good or wind approved?

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好还是风批好? Is the wind gun good or the wind approved?

This situation depends on the size of the screw and the specific assembly. 是扭力较大的气动工具。 In fact, there is a big difference between the size of these two tools and the strength of the screws. The air cannon is a pneumatic tool with large torque.

Generally speaking, 3-12mm screws can be assembled with airbrushes, with sufficient strength, fast speed, and small and heavy tools, which is relatively easy to use. 了,M27以上的螺栓则需要大风炮去使用才能拧得动螺栓。 If the hexagonal bolts are M12 or higher, a small wind cannon must be used, and the bolts larger than M27 require a large wind cannon to be used to twist the bolts. Finally, the durability problem requires the selection of pneumatic tools according to the workload. The larger the workload, the better the wind batch or gun can be configured. This requires a professional air tool brand supplier to help select.

还风批,使用过程中一定要加气动油润滑保养,隔段时间要更换打击组的黄油,以延长机器寿命,减少故障率。 Finally, it must be remembered that regardless of the use of air cannons and wind batches, pneumatic oil lubrication must be added during use, and the butter of the strike group must be replaced at intervals to extend the life of the machine and reduce the failure rate.

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