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Constant torque wind batch is easy to break?

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在某些有特定要求的领域使用非常受用户欢迎,因为它具备可预调扭力值到达自动停止工作的特点,简单直观的反馈了作业要求,省了很多繁琐程序,也不怕打坏工件。 The use of fixed torque wind batch in some areas with specific requirements is very popular with users, because it has the characteristics of pre-adjustable torque value to automatically stop working, simple and intuitive feedback of the job requirements, save a lot of tedious procedures, and are not afraid to hit Bad workpiece. But why do some customers say: the machine is easy to use, but easy to break? 时甩掉心理包袱! In fact, the problem is very simple, BOOXT editor told you with many years of case contact experience, do the following, make sure you get rid of the psychological burden when you buy a fixed torque wind batch !

1. The air pipe is selected according to the air consumption of the machine. The supplier has the relevant data to indicate that the standard working pressure is 0.63Mpa. The pressure of the general working environment should be between 0.6-0.65Mpa. If the drop is too large during use, it is the air pressure. The air flow is insufficient, and the cause should be found and resolved in time. Too low air pressure can't reach the preset torque, and too high air pressure will damage the internal motor unit of the machine;

2. Automatically fill lubricating oil. A set of oil-water separator (air conditioning group, which is used for voltage stabilization, water filtration, and automatic refueling) should be installed at the station as standard, and check the water and water in the filter tank before use every day Ensuring sufficient lubricating oil for pneumatic tools in oil tanks;

3. Determine the size of the screws to be tightened, the maximum number of screws that can be tightened by a single person per day, and the exact torque value required to tighten the screws of this size, and truthfully inform the supplier of the above information when purchasing;

4. According to the information provided by the supplier, the final recommended torque range of the machine should be based on the torque data provided by you (for example, the provided value is 10Nm, and the recommended range of the machine's torque should be 5-20Nm). Knowing this, it is important that the machine does not break easily. If the upper limit of the recommended torque range is very close to the torque value provided by you, the machine will work at the maximum load at all times, and it is certainly not durable and easy to break;

5. The supplier will determine the quality of the recommended machine based on the number of screws tightened by the single person and machine provided by you each day. The larger the data value you provide, the higher the price of the machine should be accordingly. Professional suppliers definitely know the quality of their own brands of machines, and the machines recommended based on the information you provide will be more suitable for use. If, due to cost considerations, a machine with a low price is finally selected, the service life of the machine will be reduced accordingly, which is also one of the root causes of "easy to break". After all, each machine has a design limit for its workload. If a car is filled up to 600 kilometers with a full tank of fuel, and you expect it to reach 1,000 kilometers, this is impossible.

在采购前要明确工作使用要求,选择专业供应商供货,根据使用标准规范操作机器并进行日常维护保养,这样机器就不会那么容易坏了。 In summary, before the purchase of the fixed-torque wind batch , it is necessary to clarify the requirements for work and use, choose a professional supplier to supply, operate the machine according to the use of standard specifications and perform routine maintenance, so that the machine will not be so easily broken.

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