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First, the necessary conditions for the use of pneumatic tools

1. Personal use: piston air compressor, air pipe, joint, triple piece (oil-water separator), pneumatic oil;

2. Large- scale use: screw-type air compressors, gas storage tanks, dryers, gas pipes, joints, triple parts (oil-water separators), pneumatic oil;

The air compressor with its own gas storage tank, independent gas storage tank, and triple parts must be regularly checked for water discharge (up to a period of no more than 5 days) to ensure that the air source is dry and prevent water and gas from rusting inside the Ambassador machine and affecting the use of the machine. life. In addition, the normal use of the pneumatic oil in the three-piece oil tank should not be less than 1/4 capacity to ensure that the pneumatic oil can be atomized into the machine to play a role of lubrication and cleaning.

Large-scale use of pneumatic tools, the main air supply pipe must be reasonably standard wiring, the common type is a multi-inlet connection circuit wiring to ensure the stability of air pressure flow. Do not use straight-to-bottom wiring. This wiring method will probably cause the pressure at the station farther from the air inlet to be lower, the machine capacity will be insufficient, and it will not function properly.

Except for low-power machines, the stable working pressure of normal pneumatic tools is 0.65Mpa, and the instantaneous pressure drop should not be less than 0.05Mpa; except for low-power machines, it is recommended to use an inner diameter 8mm air pipe, high-power pneumatic wrench, wind cannon, air shovel , Air pick and other products use a minimum of 13mm inner diameter trachea.

Second, the daily maintenance of pneumatic tools

No matter how high the price is, the use of air blade motor-type pneumatic tools requires the addition of pneumatic oil maintenance, which is as important as the car engine cannot start oil. The common methods for filling pneumatic oil are as follows:

1. Automatic refueling: install triple parts (oil-water separator) at the end of the air pipe at each station, usually the pneumatic oil in the oil tank is not less than 1/4 capacity to ensure that the pneumatic oil can be atomized into the machine normally. Lubrication and cleaning effect;

2. Manual refueling: When the machine is continuously used, the standard is to refuel every 15 minutes. After disconnecting the air source, fill about 5 drops from the air inlet joint, and the large machine will increase appropriately. In addition, the machine should be refueled and idled for a few seconds before use. Before going to work at night, the machine should be refilled with pneumatic oil and idled for three seconds to properly place the machine;

Do not allow the pneumatic oil to touch the environment of the workpiece. If conditions permit, you can modify the machine's exhaust port by installing an extension cable to keep the discharged pneumatic oil and compressed air away from the work station and the workpiece, so as to avoid contamination of the workpiece ;

Placement standard after the machine is used: The air inlet should be sealed before placing it to prevent environmental dust from entering the inside of the machine through the joint and causing failure.

Possessing the pneumatic tools of the strike group, the workload is large, and when used frequently, the strike group module should be removed every month for cleaning and replacing the butter under normal circumstances. Do not add too much butter, to prevent the normal operation of the strike group from affecting the torque output.

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