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Small knowledge of pneumatic tube

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Pay attention to the selection of pneumatic hoses:
1. Pipe material: PU pipe, nylon pipe, etc. 2. Inner and outer diameter dimensions of the pipe 3. Uniformity of pipe wall thickness, uneven pipes are easy to leak air during work.
4. The wall thickness of the pipe should be selected in consideration of the type of pipe joint used. When using the clamp type pipe joint and the ferrule type pipe joint, pay attention to the inner diameter of the pipe.径 Dimensions.
Pay attention to the purchase of pneumatic hose connectors:
1. The joint form of the pipe joint:
a. Hoop type pipe joint, mainly suitable for cotton braided hose;
b. Card sleeve type pipe joints, mainly suitable for non-ferrous metal pipes and rigid nylon pipes;
c. Plug-in pipe joints, mainly suitable for nylon pipes and plastic pipes.
2. Type of pipe joints: curved, right-angle, through-plate, tee, cross, etc. 3. There are three methods for nominalizing the interface of pipe joints:
a. According to the nominal diameter of the connected pipes, commonly known as "diameter", when choosing clamp pipe joints and ferrule pipe joints, pay attention to the inner diameter of the pipe; Pay attention to the outer diameter of the tube.
Commonly used for branch joints such as tees and crosses.
b. This type of joint is not commonly used according to the connector thread nominals.
c. According to the nominal diameter of the pipeline and the combination of the joint thread of the joint, these joints are often used for the inlet and outlet of pneumatic components.
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