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Air tool maintenance needs attention

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Air tools require normal air pressure provided by the air compressor: generally 6.2 kg per square centimeter, too high will cause damage to the air tools themselves, too low air tools will not work properly. Maintenance steps required before using pneumatic tools: Before the air intake, special pneumatic oil must be added first, allowing the oil to go through the tool through the gas, so that the internal components of the tool are lubricated and washed. In addition, there must be no moisture in the air intake to prevent the tool from rusting and cannot be used for a long time. Pneumatic tools need regular maintenance. Add more oil. When you find that the tool is faulty, you can't continue to use it and check it immediately. When the tool is not used for a long time, if you want to use it again, you need to add special oil to the motor and bearing parts. Tool maintenance is an important guarantee for production efficiency and can most effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises. Therefore, maintenance of pneumatic tools should be given high attention.
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