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How to use pneumatic tools correctly

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Pneumatic tools are precision high-tech tools, small size, light weight, high working pressure, can be used efficiently for a long time, no leakage, no hot, long life and high safety.
Therefore, when operating such tools, special attention must be paid to the operation method and cleaning and maintenance. If the tool motor is stained too much, it is easier to burn out.
Using compressed gas as power, after the gas is compressed, the volume becomes smaller, the temperature rises, and the water vapor content also increases. When using pneumatic tools, always add (professional oil for professional pneumatic tools) for cleaning and maintenance to remove moisture, oil stains, impurities, tube wall spots, etc. in the air supply pipeline.
Daily maintenance, before and after each use, remove the air pipe, press the switch, add a few drops of professional air tool oil in the air inlet, then connect the air pipe, press the switch, and make the air tool idle slowly for about 30 seconds , So that the pneumatic oil can protect and lubricate the cylinder motor, and remove water, oil stains, impurities, and play a role of rust prevention. After each use of pneumatic tools, dust, wood chips and debris must be cleaned with a blow gun.
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