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Accelerate the development of the pneumatic tool industry

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We are gradually ushering in an "air tool age". In recent years, it is the hot period of the pneumatic tool industry. Hardware tool companies are rushing to enter the pneumatic tool market and are therefore profitable. However, when high-end projects are increasing and demand is relatively decreasing, hardware tools companies are in a different situation. Hardware tools companies have reached strategic cooperation with well-known domestic brands, and the fixed cooperation relationship has made their performance stable this year. The situation of small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively difficult, and the reduction of orders has forced these enterprises to reduce their production scale. Changes in the hardware market have created opportunities for the pneumatic tool industry. With the acceleration of the process of urbanization, the country has a huge demand for pneumatic tools, a number of enterprises began to develop in different places, and the pneumatic tool industry has shown a trend of shifting from east to west and from south to north. The pneumatic tool industry takes the southeast coastal area as the main production distribution center, and began to develop distribution centers to the Bohai Rim, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and the southwestern region to facilitate the nationwide distribution. To promote the better development of the domestic pneumatic tool industry. We take the following methods: 1. To expand the international market. 2. Improve management efficiency. 3. To lower supplier prices. 4. Continuously expand the entire industry chain. 5. Develop new "China advantages" and keep developing. 6. Green and low-carbon economy; 7. Meet the huge domestic market demand and improve effective satisfaction. 8. Enterprise development involves the core technology and key talents of the enterprise.
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