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Basic maintenance items for pneumatic tools

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When using all types of pneumatic tools, be sure to follow the instructions for use! Of course, when using it, we must understand the following 5 points:
1. Use proper air tools to work. Too large air tools are likely to cause work injury. Too small air tools are likely to cause tool damage.
2. If the pneumatic tool is slightly faulty or cannot reach the original function after use, it can no longer be used, and it should be checked immediately.
3. Regularly (about once a week) check and maintain tools, add grease to rotating parts such as bearings, and add oil to air motor parts.
4. The correct generation air supply system: the inlet pressure at the inlet of the pneumatic tool (non-air compressor outlet pressure) is generally 90PSIG (6.2Kg / cm ^ 2), too high or too low will damage the performance of the pneumatic tool And life. The air intake must contain sufficient lubricating oil, so that the air motor in the tool can be fully lubricated. The air intake must be free of moisture, and it is not appropriate if the contracted air is not air-dried.
5. Do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the pneumatic tool and operate it, except that it will affect the safety of the operator and cause damage to the tool.
气动工具的基本维护事项 Keywords in this article: Basic maintenance matters for pneumatic tools