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Working principle of pneumatic drill and chisel

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The advantages of using pneumatic tools:
1. The air is easy to obtain and the working pressure is low. The used air can be discharged on site without the need for recovery pipes. 2. The gas has a small viscosity and small flow resistance loss, which is convenient for centralized air supply and long-distance transportation. 3. Pneumatic actuator movement speed High 4. Pneumatic system has strong adaptability to the environment, and can work reliably in a wide temperature range, wet and dusty environment. A slight leakage will not pollute the environment, there is no danger of fire and explosion, and it is safe to use. 5. Simple structure and maintenance Convenient and low cost 6. Long service life of pneumatic components 7. Pneumatic component's execution output is smaller than hydraulic pressure, faster movement, strong adaptability, and can work in harsh environments that are prone, explosive, heavy, damp, impact, not Pollution of the environment, long working life, simple structure, easy maintenance and low price
1. Air pressure generating device ----- air compressor 2.pneumatic actuator 3.pneumatic control element ----- the element used to control the pressure, flow rate and flow mode of the working medium so that the actuator completes the required regularity of movement , Such as pressure, flow and directional control valves, and various logic elements, etc. 4. Sensing elements and conversion elements are qigong sensing elements that detect controlled parameters and turn into air pressure signals, and convert signals such as gas signals and electro-hydraulic signals to each other. 5.Pneumatic accessories-including components such as air source purification, component lubrication, component connection and muffler
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