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Standard for safe use of pneumatic tools

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1. Before using the pneumatic tools, you should pay attention to the pressure requirements of the pneumatic tools, not too large, not too small; confirm that the air inlet joints and air pipes are locked before starting to work normally. 2. Keep the air compressor dry. If water spray is found during work, The air compressor should be turned off and the accumulated water should be drained from the gas storage bottle. 3. Do not use fast air inlets on pneumatic tools as much as possible; do not wear gloves, scarves, loose clothes, etc. during operation; especially when using pneumatic When drilling, keep the distance between the body and the tool; to prevent injury from being caught in the rotating tool 4. Do not touch the shaft with other hands or other parts of the body to avoid accidents 5. If the tool is too noisy or the smoke is too large, please promptly Wear earplugs and masks. 6. Do not modify pneumatic tools or change tool parts at will. 7. It is strictly forbidden to press on soft air pipes to avoid abnormal air supply or bursting of air pipes. After work, drop a few drops of special oil for air tools into the tool. Second, close the main air valve, remove the pneumatic tools, and clean the tools.
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