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What is pneumatic oil? Why do pneumatic tools need pneumatic oil?

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的重要性 Recognize the importance of pneumatic oil

Pneumatic oil, the full name of pneumatic tool lubricants. It can be said that it is a crucial lubricant for blade-type pneumatic tools. Under the condition of continuous high-speed operation of pneumatic tools, if the inside of the motor is very dry, the damage to the tool is very serious. You can imagine that if there is no oil in the engine of the car, you are still driving the car, even if all kinds of expensive new cars are running in this state, the engine will soon be scrapped.

对于叶片类气动工具重要性。 Through the simple description above, we can recognize the importance of pneumatic oil for blade-type pneumatic tools. However, in the absence of professional pneumatic oil, not all oil can be filled into the pneumatic tools. The special pneumatic oil is a kind of clear and visually, almost no viscosity, highly fluid oil (as shown below). Only this type of oil can be lubricated and cleaned when it enters the precision motor of pneumatic tools. The purpose of antirust.

Specific role of pneumatic oil

Lubrication: Pneumatic tool blade products have tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. Under continuous high-speed conditions, the motor unit will generate huge heat, and the amount of wear of each component without lubricant is very amazing. of;

就可以在高气压的作用力下,把这些浮尘通过排气孔清理出来,达到清洁内部的目的; Clean: Some workplaces have a poor environment or can be described as harsh. Even through various filtering equipment, the floating dust in the air will inevitably be brought into the air tool motor unit, and the continuous pneumatic oil can be at high pressure. Under the action of force, the floating dust is cleaned out through the exhaust hole to achieve the purpose of cleaning the interior;

Anti-rust: If compressed air is wired according to the standard, even after filtering through the air conditioning group of the dryer in the machine room and the field terminal, the possibility of moisture will still remain. The large-part air tool motor is composed of steel or iron parts. After these water and gas enter the inside of the air tool motor, if there is no pneumatic oil to protect these parts, and the water and gas are not washed out of the machine, these parts are extremely easy to produce. Rust, which causes various failures to the machine.

Harm to tools without the use of pneumatic oil

Based on the experience of BOOXT pneumatic tools in the past 11 years, the long-term use of blade pneumatic tools without adding pneumatic oil, the common faults are:

1. Causes blade wear in a short time, affects the motor operation, affects the overall output of the machine, or the machine is stuck;

2. Due to the accumulation of innumerable dusts in the internal space, which could not be discharged in time, the motor unit was stuck and exploded soon;

3. The blades wear out and burst without refueling. Under the action of high speed, the debris will cause secondary damage to the motor unit. Seriously, it will even explode some composite material rotors, and then scrape the cylinder and front and rear covers out of irreparable. Deep marks, so that the entire motor unit is scrapped.

The following group of pictures is the failure of the machine caused by the lack of pneumatic oil, and some of the inside of the machine looks very "tragic".

Proper selection and use of pneumatic oil

The special pneumatic oil is a kind of clear, visually and visually, oil with almost no viscosity and strong fluidity. We recommend buying and using from the vendors that sell pneumatic tools. Do not fill oils with high viscosity, such as engine oil, butter, etc. Once you add such lubricants, in addition to accelerating the pneumatic tool motor, No other benefits. 来维护您的机器。 When you buy BOOXT pneumatic tools, it is recommended to use BOOXT special pneumatic oil to maintain your machine.

Refueling method:

1. Fill 5-6 drops of pneumatic oil directly from the air inlet connector (please increase the amount of large tools such as wind and wind cannons), connect the air source, and idle for 3 seconds before using. Interstitial workload interval raise;

2. At the work place, install an air conditioning combination (also known as a three-piece / three-point combination), and pre-fill the pneumatic oil in the oil tank, so that when the compressed air is connected, it can be automatically refueled, eliminating manual work. The trouble of refueling, the amount of oil atomization can be adjusted as needed.

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