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Pneumatic impact drill AT-4049A

  • 气动凿岩机 Product Category: Pneumatic Rock Drill
  • BOOXT波世特 Product Brand: BOOXT
  • 气动冲击钻AT-4049A Product model: Pneumatic impact drill AT-4049A
  • 使用双环结构,无反作用力,用来岩石钻孔埋炸药或山壁、水泥墙等打孔用。 Product use: Double ring structure, no reaction force, used for rock drilling, buried explosives, mountain walls, cement walls, etc.
  • 旋转锤打式;夹头尺寸: 5/8" (16 mm);空转转速: 2100-3800 转/每分钟;重量: 6.0kg;长度: 380mm;空气消耗量: 0.80 m3/min;进气接头: 3/8";风管内径: 9.5 mm;噪音: 83dBA;工作空气压力: 90 psi (6.3kg/cm2) Product parameters: rotary hammer; chuck size: 5/8 "(16 mm); idling speed: 2100-3800 revolutions per minute; weight: 6.0kg; length: 380mm; air consumption: 0.80 m3 / min; Intake connector: 3/8 "; inner diameter of air duct: 9.5 mm; noise: 83dBA; working air pressure: 90 psi (6.3kg / cm2)
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用途: Pneumatic impact drill use:
1. With different specifications of shovel head or pick tip, remove various attachments such as paint, rust, welding stains, etc.
2. Remove or remove debris from cement, concrete, rust, paint, etc. of various machinery, machines, vehicles, etc.
3. Excavation of mineral deposits; rock breaking of tunnels and culverts.
4. Outdoor engineering roads, bridges, municipal engineering construction and various after-sales services.
5.Industrial for sand removal of various sand turning molds, sediment removal for sewage treatment, rivet riveting, die casting and cleaning of various metal material furnaces.
6. Stone carving.
7. Removal, cutting and installation of rivets, sheet metal for car repair, tire removal, etc.

特点: Pneumatic impact drill features:
1. The main hitting parts are made of forged technology, and after intensified heat treatment, the service life is longer and more durable.
2. Strong strike force, small vibration, stronger power, reduce the damage to the arm.
3. Fast impact speed, high work efficiency, and effective labor cost savings.
4. Small size, light weight, ergonomic design, long-term use is not easy to fatigue.

Cement, rock drilling machine (made in Taiwan)
-Double hammer structure

Product parameters:
Model Specifications: AT-4049A
Chuck size: 16mm
No-load speed: 2100-3800rpm / min
Full length: 380mm
Weight: 6.0kg
Air consumption: 0.8m3 / min

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