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GP-SA40 Pneumatic Vacuum Suction Gun

  • 其他气动工具 Product Category: Other pneumatic tools
  • GISON Product Brand: GISON
  • GP-SA40 Product model: GP-SA40
  • 可吸在各种粗糙平面上(如金属零件、木材、石材、纸盒、纸张、玻璃...等),亦可伸入水中吸附物体。 Product use: It can be sucked on various rough surfaces (such as metal parts, wood, stone, paper boxes, paper, glass, etc.), and can also reach into the water to adsorb objects.
  • 吸盘大小: 40mm;吸盘材质: 矽胶;吸力: 3kg(铁材光滑面);耐温: 摄式250度;重量: 0.30kg (不含进气接头);尺寸: 31x4x5.5cm (长/宽/高);工作压力: 6.3kgf/cm2 (90psi);进气接头: 1/4";风管内径: 5mm;耗气量: 0.08m3/min (3SCFM);噪音: 73dBA Product parameters: Sucker size: 40mm; Sucker material: Silicone; Suction: 3kg (smooth surface of iron); Temperature resistance: 250 °; Weight: 0.30kg (excluding air inlet joint); Size: 31x4x5.5cm ( (Length / width / height); working pressure: 6.3kgf / cm2 (90psi); inlet connector: 1/4 "; inner diameter of air duct: 5mm; air consumption: 0.08m3 / min (3SCFM); noise: 73dBA
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