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Robot special grinding machine

  • 自动化气动砂纸机 Product Category: Automatic Pneumatic Sandpaper Machine
  • BOOXT波世特 Product Brand: BOOXT
  • 机器人专用打磨机 Product model: Robot-specific grinding machine
  • 适用于机器人打磨抛光作业。 Product use: Suitable for robot grinding and polishing operations.
  • 按客户要求定制 Product parameters: customized according to customer requirements
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What is the role of pneumatic grinders in hardware tools?
Pneumatic grinders in hardware tools, also known as pneumatic angle grinders, also called pneumatic polishers, things have different characteristics, but many people give the same things to different "names". Different. ...
How to adjust the speed of pneumatic tools
Under normal circumstances, pneumatic tool products are equipped with a gear switch, or equipped with an additional gas valve, these are intuitive parts to adjust the speed of the tool. ...
Do you know the pneumatic screwdriver at work?
A screwdriver has an elongated housing with a plurality of longitudinal pipes, each pipe having a longitudinal slot that opens the pipe toward an outer surface of the housing. A plurality of screwdrivers are slidably arranged one-to-one in each pipe. ...

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In recent years, the country has vigorously promoted industrial automation, and the demand for pneumatic tools for automated robots has grown. 机器人气动打磨机 了。 One of the most popular is the automatic robot pneumatic sander .
At the beginning of 2010, our company (Dongguan Strong Hardware Tools) was one of the companies that were in contact with automated pneumatic tools earlier. In the early days, I didn't know much about the pneumatic tools used by industrial automation robots, and companies including automated robots also knew very little about this, and the reference materials were very limited. 机器人气动打磨机 ,机器人刻磨打磨机,自动化铆接机,自动化打螺丝机等,基本上覆盖了所有劳动密集型的行业。 We are in contact with pneumatic pneumatic sanders , robotic sanders, automatic riveting machines, automatic screw machines, etc., which basically cover all labor-intensive industries. At that time, the automatic pneumatic tools were basically modified by human-operated machines and installed on robots. The biggest problem is that the fixing fixture on the flange is very difficult to make, because it is not a fixed fixture, so it takes too much time to adjust the machine. After all, the machine needs to be removed often to replace the consumables for maintenance, but even this " "Earth technology" has even been used for several years. The earliest use was in the electronics industry: mobile phones, laptops, 3C products, etc., including Foxconn, BYD, Huawei and other electronics industry leaders have experienced this process.
Beginning in early 2016, we began to develop robot-specific grinding and polishing machines. In addition to solving the trouble of making clamps and adjusting the machine above, we completely customized them according to customer's use, size requirements, performance parameters, and so on. The shape is made square, and the dimensions are precise. You can adjust the machine at one time. Each machine is the same size, which eliminates the trouble of adjusting the machine and greatly improves the efficiency. In addition, according to customer requirements, water mill function, deceleration function and high torque function can be added.

According to customer needs, we can customize different styles and uses of automated machines.

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