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Pneumatic sanding and polishing machine BX-228C

  • 气动圆盘砂纸机 Product Category: Pneumatic Disc Sandpaper Machine
  • BOOXT波世特 Product Brand: BOOXT
  • 气动打磨抛光机BX-228C Product model: Pneumatic sanding and polishing machine BX-228C
  • 广泛应用于各种行业的表面研磨、抛光作业。 Product use: Widely used in surface grinding and polishing operations in various industries.
  • 底盘尺寸:5寸(125mm);空载转速:12000rpm;偏摆直径:8mm;重量:0.84kg;耗气量:0.53m3/min;工作使用气压0.65Mpa,推荐使用8mm内径气管,使用时多加气动油保养。 Product parameters: chassis size: 5 inches (125mm); no-load speed: 12000rpm; yaw diameter: 8mm; weight: 0.84kg; air consumption: 0.53m3 / min; working pressure 0.65Mpa, 8mm inner diameter air pipe is recommended Add more pneumatic oil for maintenance.
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用途: Purpose of pneumatic sanding and polishing machine :
1. Grinding, shaving, and feathering of sheet metal atomic ash and glass fiber reinforced plastics such as automobiles, trains, ships, electric vehicles, and wind turbines;
2. Grinding and polishing operations of woodworking furniture, wooden doors, solid wood cabinets, etc .;
3. Grinding and polishing of large-scale machinery, automobile wheels, die-casting, precision casting and other hardware castings;
4.3C industry grinding and polishing of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy shells.

特点: Features of pneumatic sanding and polishing machine :
1. The body is designed with high-quality plastic steel or aluminum alloy, which is durable and does not deform;
2. Low center of gravity body, ergonomic design, low vibration, high stability, long-term use is not easy to produce fatigue.
3. Good maneuverability, large torque and cutting force, effectively improve work efficiency and save labor costs.

1. The relationship between the magnitude of eccentricity:
--The eccentricity of fine grinding is 2.5mm . Fine grinding depends on the material of the workpiece. It is required that the grinding effect is very fine. Scratches are not allowed, such as: grinding after primer (usually the last grinding process for repair effect), The sandpaper used is 400 # and above;
--The eccentricity of the middle grinding is 5mm , which is a medium grinding effect and the speed is fast. The specifications of the sandpaper used are between 120 # -400 #;
--Coarse grinding eccentricity is 9.5mm , with large torque and cutting capacity, suitable for gravity grinding. The workpiece is generally large in size, requiring fast grinding speed and rough grinding surface, such as glass steel, UV, atomic ash and other hard materials, the sandpaper used is less than 120 #;

2. The vacuuming method is selected according to the requirements of the workplace environment. To keep the workshop free from dust and maintain a clean and healthy working environment, a "central vacuum" model is recommended.

Model parameters:
Model number: BX-228C
Chassis size: 5 inches (125mm)
No-load speed: 12000rpm
Deflection diameter: 8mm
Weight: 0.84kg
Air consumption: 0.53m 3 / min
Working pressure 0.65Mpa, 8mm inner diameter trachea is recommended;
Add more oil and oil during maintenance

提供台湾BOOXT波世特气动工具,气动打磨抛光机BX-228C,厂家直销,首件享特价。 Dongguan Qiangqiang Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. provides Taiwan BOOXT Bosite special pneumatic tools, pneumatic sanding and polishing machine BX-228C, factory direct sales, the first piece enjoy special price. Consulting Hotline: 4008301980

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