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Reciprocating saw BX-AF5A

  • 气动锯 Product Category: Pneumatic Saw
  • BOOXT波世特 Product Brand: BOOXT
  • 气动往复锯BX-AF5A Product model: pneumatic reciprocating saw BX-AF5A
  • 适用于各种材料的金属薄板、复合材料、玻璃钢、各种尺寸棒材、薄钢板、汽车钣金等切割加工作业。 Product use: Suitable for cutting and processing of metal sheets, composite materials, FRP, various sizes of bars, sheet steel, automotive sheet metal and other materials. (The file insert can be used as a pneumatic file)
  • 夹头尺寸:5mm;行程:5mm;冲程数:7500bpm;长度:150mm;重量:0.5kg;耗气量:0.25立方米/分钟;使用工作压力:0.65Mpa;推荐气管尺寸:8mm Product parameters: chuck size: 5mm; stroke: 5mm; strokes: 7500bpm; length: 150mm; weight: 0.5kg; air consumption: 0.25 cubic meters / minute; working pressure: 0.65Mpa; recommended air pipe size: 8mm
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用途 Pneumatic reciprocating saw use :
1. It is suitable for cutting and processing of various materials such as metal sheet, composite material, FRP, various sizes of bars, sheet steel, and automobile sheet metal.
2. For some two-purpose models, the file insert can be used as a pneumatic file.
3. Auto body sheet metal cutting.

特点 Pneumatic reciprocating saw features :
1. Motor kinetic energy direct output design, higher output frequency, with different consumables, more versatile.
2. Designed for grinding, cutting, grinding, engraving, chamfering, deburring, etc. in industrial manufacturing, safe and stable, large cutting force, low vibration, and no fatigue for long time use.
3. Aiming at high-strength production line strength, related parts have undergone specialized heat treatment to make the product performance stronger;
4. Light product quality, good torque output effect, can significantly improve work efficiency;
5. Ergonomic design, long-term use of the hand is not easy to feel tired.
6. The cutting surface is flat and not distorted, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
7. The width of the cutting gap of the saw blade is small, and spot welding is easy when the body sheet metal is installed.

The filer can be used as a pneumatic file.

Product parameters:
Model specifications: BX-AF5A
Chuck diameter: 5mm
Reciprocating stroke: 5mm
Itinerary revolutions: 7500bpm
Total length: 150mm
Air consumption: 0.25 cubic meters / minute Weight: 0.5kg

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双金属锯片 ”,不易折断,更耐用。 Note: It is recommended to use Taiwan's high-quality " bimetal saw blade ", which is not easy to break and more durable. (Click the red text link to view)

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