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In addition to paying attention to whether the supplier can deliver on time, the quality of the product is also very important, which directly affects the production quality and delivery of the company's products. Since cooperating with Post, this long trouble has finally been solved. According to the requirements of the production workshop before purchasing, explain the situation to the Bosch technicians. From the sample to the decision to purchase in batches, the one-stop service can easily complete the procurement task. If there is any problem after sales, just call in advance and the technician will help us to solve it in time. We need to arrive at the factory and can arrange it quickly. The work efficiency is very high, saving us a lot of time!
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Since cooperating with Post, we no longer have to worry about the supply. The products provided by Post are very complete, and every time they purchase a new product, their sales staff will carefully check with us the product model and quantity. And so on, to ensure that the product quality and quantity are delivered to our customers, let us be assured!

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Pneumatic tools cannot be used without maintenance, as this will reduce the service life of the pneumatic tools. Here we take pneumatic screwdrivers in pneumatic tools as an example to illustrate the use and maintenance.
Pneumatic screwdrivers are mainly used for tightening and assembly. Automotive manufacturing, electronics, home appliances, auto parts production, equipment maintenance, and aerospace are the main industries for its application.
Precision, reliability and durability are the functional criteria of pneumatic tools.
The quality of rotary pneumatic tools depends on six aspects:
1. Performance of built-in air motor (rotary power);
2. Metal materials and processing methods for transmission mechanism parts;
3. Machining accuracy of parts and assembly accuracy of tools;
4. Innovation, optimization and improvement of tool design and production;
5. Quality control;
6. Correct and reasonable use.
Six basic points of pneumatic tool operation and maintenance
1. Correct air supply system:
The inlet pressure at the tool inlet (non-air compressor outlet pressure) is generally 90PSI (6.2Kg / cm 2 ). Too high or too low will damage the performance and life of the tool.
The air intake must contain sufficient lubricating oil, so that the air motor in the tool can be fully lubricated.
The air intake must be as free of moisture as possible, and it is not appropriate if the compressed air is not air-dried.
2. Do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the tool and operate it, in addition to affecting the safety of the operator, it will also cause the tool to be damaged.
3. If the tool is slightly faulty or cannot reach the original performance after use, it can no longer be used, and it should be checked immediately.
4. Regularly (depending on the situation of use) check and maintain the tool, add grease to rotating parts such as bearings, and add oil to the air motor.
5. When using various tools, be sure to follow various safety regulations and instructions for use.
6. It is necessary to use appropriate tools for work. Too large a tool is likely to cause work injury. Too small a tool is likely to cause damage to the workpiece.

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